'E' from EPS resembles Education & Empowerment

EPS Inter Globe is an organization which has always focused on the upliftment and betterment of the Children, Women Skill Development, Education, and Social Awareness. The organization has always determined to enhance

the Socio-economic status of the unprivileged women of the State by empowering them with Self - confidence and required skills to enable them to become independent, so that they can contribute to family and society. The organization is mainly determined to work in Education( Healthcare), Employability & Skill Development sector as it's the upcoming booming industry for the betterment of the Nation. EPS has strong and strategic partnerships with central government, state governments, corporate, civil society organisations, educational institutions, development agencies, multilateral agencies and corporate.

EPS houses the expertise to provide, the complete array of services including visioning, documentation, development, management, technology and execution for social infrastructure development in the areas like -
1. Education
2. E-commerce
3. Skill Development & Employability.
4. Infrastructure Developments.
5. Trust.

We are a creative and ambitious team

EPS is an accomplished player in providing sustainable and scalable solution across various genres such as Education & Healthcare care, Skills ,Infrastructure Developments and Trust related activities.
"E" from EPS resembles Education & Empowerment. The organization believes that education is the only foundation for a successful life. "P" from EPS resembles the Pride & Preferances, which the individual takes after achieving success in life and thus "S" resembles the Skills & Success.
In one word the organization works for the betterment of an individual with the help of education and then takes the pride on the success of the person.

Who we are?

EPS Inter Globe is a reputed Organization whose major areas of concern are Education, Skill development, and Employability. We are the Organization who not only develops skills but we are the social warden also. As an Organization we are continuously delivering our valuable inputs in the Socio-economic growth of the country through our Educational and skill development training programmes. We are also generating employment for the unprivileged and unemployed youths of the nation by making them Industry ready.

Why us?

In today's world we need to survive and grow, to discover new things ,to gain knowledge new information, new methods are being developed and managing are emerging. So we here help to gain success by implementing along with those solutions that manage your programme more efficiently and effectively.


  • Education is the process of learning of facilitating, acquisitions of Knowledge, skills values, beliefs and habits.

  • Education is the process of acquiring the body of knowledge and skills that people are expected to love in your society. A good education develops a critical thought process in addition to learning accepted facts. It also encourages intellectual curiosity which will lead to lifelong learning.

  • Empowerment can be defined in general as the capacity of the Individual ,Groups or Communities gain control of their circumstances and achieve their own goals, thereby being able to work towards helping themselves and others to maximise the quality of their lives. Empowerment designed to increase degree of autonomy and self determination in people and in communities.
  • Skills and knowledge development are the driving forces behind the financial growth and community development of any country. Skill building is a powerful tool to empower individuals and improve their social acceptance. It must be complemented by economic growth and employment opportunities to meet the rising aspirations of youth. The challenge lies not only in a huge quantitative expansion of facilities for skill training, but also in raising their quality. India can then become the global sourcing hub for skilled employees. In today's age of globalisation and technological volatility, skill building is an important instrument to increase the efficacy and quality of labour for improved productivity and economic growth. As a part of Skill India Mission EPS is also focussing in the development of the society by imparting training to the unprivileged youths.

  • In Education and Skills every course that we do starts with a Placement linkage to ensure industry alignment and availability of jobs for the students trained.
  • To ensure 100 % placement linkages for the candidates who have undergone successful training both in education and Skills. The Organization has its wide connection regarding placements in healthcare sector and provides world class linkages to the candidates throughout the Globe.
  • EPS Projects has its hand packed up with projects for infrastructure development of Educational institutions and other Infrastructures also.
  • An ideal organization that delivers every output with ultimate quality and ensure successful implementation of the Projects.
  • Being a Trust the Organization has its hand mostly in social activities like set up of Health Camps at rural areas, Eye -Check up Camps for childs and adults, camps for orientation on the health condition of rural women etc.
  • As EPS Foundation is a non profitable Organization, it is only renowned for its dedicated service to the Society.