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Education is a process of facilitating learning - knowledge, skills, values, beliefs etc. So, education determines the country's future as it is having all the powers to change everything.A high rate of education is essential for countries to be able to achieve high levels of economic growth so that the developing countries should grow faster than rich countries because they can adopt cutting edge technologies already tried and tested by rich countries.

Significance of skill india mission

A comprehensive program to train and develop industrial, entrepreneurial skills among Indians was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 15, 2015. The program is called Skill India. The move to tap potential of India is unprecedented in the country's history. Skill India is today a major project that involves every segment of the Indian society, local and foreign companies and governments.

Every ministry of the Government of India is involved in the massive Skill India program, billed as the world's largest initiative to train manpower in a single country or geographic location. Skill India program will equip and train the nation's massive, enviable workforce with employable skills and knowledge. This will help them contribute substantially to India's industrialization and economic boom. Over 400 million women and men in the country will be trained in various industrial and trade skills by the year 2022. Skill India program was launched on July 15, 2015 to enable Indian economy and industry to benefit from the country's young work force.

With these missions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched
1. National Skill Development Mission
2. National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
3. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
(Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme)
4. Rural India Skill
5. Skill Loan Scheme

This is the first time in India's history that a project that assures financial prosperity to all Indian citizens, eradicates poverty, reduces unemployment and helps develop Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is being implemented. Skill India will help reduce dependence on urban and semi-urban jobs. It will provide ample work and business avenues in rural India too. It strives for gender equality for income in India.

Significance of Education, Skill and its Impacts on Employability

Education is the backbone of each family that too women's education is very essential.

Nowadays, the value of education is just earning a degree without a goal, why this happens? The reason is lack of reinforcement, loss of hope on employment. "Nation does not need pointless, goalless youngsters, instead need mindful, talented, skilful youth to compromise the dynamic society and improve the status of our country among others". So the government has the responsibility to bring the hope and set stage for the youngsters of India.

Education alone is not needed. For proper execution, skill is necessary. In India, importance of skill is an unattended aspect except in few areas like Medicine, Engineering etc that too not everywhere. What about other areas of studies? The graduates are still struggling in communication, lack of boldness to present the presentations. India is composed by demographic dividend with multiple languages, cultures, religion etc. So teaching in common language is not possible like other countries, if we do it, other issues crop up.

EPS as a skill development Training Partner

EPS has presently one Apparel training centers and two Healthcare training centers in Tripura.Upon catering the vulnerable section of the society ,our Organization maximises the potential of the youth and women by effecting their lives in a clean, hygiene and secure environment. The current education system of India does no focus on training young people in employable skills that can provide them with employment opportunities.That's why today a large number of Indian labour force is outdated skill. As an QualityGiver we aims to promote and provide vocational training to school leavers, drop outs,carrreer seekers, existing workers etc. We endeavor to improve their employability by opti,mally utilizing the opportunities ,sponsored schemes ,CSR schemes provided by the Central/State Government,CSR ,Department of the Ministrties.

The Apparel training center is located at Natunanagar in West Tripura District with the facility to provide training in Basic Tailoring courses in collaboration with USHA International Limited. The school is registered with USHA SEWING SCHOOL model to facilitate the rural women . These trainings are designed specially to help the unprivileged women of the society. With the help of these trainings the woman are able to earn their livelihood . These sort of trainings will help them to create their own identity in the society The Apparel Training center has the capacity to train approx 180 candidates in 3 labs and classrooms designed as per the criteria of NSDC. Both the Classrooms and lab equipped with CCTV cameras with the high Internet facility.In this same center last year already we have imparted successful training to approx 190 candidates in "Self Employed Tailoring Jobrole". The total course durations was 360 Hrs. EPS also provides 20 hrs of Digital literacy classes to the same candidates. EPS also has the tie up with third party Assessment Agency "METHODS" for assessment and certification purpose.

The overall moto of the Organization is to impart holistic training to the candidates .The organization has always imparted training with quality both in skill development sector vand paid model sector.With growing demand of the skill enhancement in apparel sector EPS have spread its hands to work for the betterment of youth and women in the best possible way. EPS i an organization dedicatedly working to enhance the skill of every youth and women from the lower strata.its providing platform for those who is striving to mark their presence in the society with their working potential.We ensure success by conduction successful vocational training in different sectors like Healthcare,Apparel etc.

Why us?

In today's world we need to survive and grow, to discover new things ,to gain knowledge new information, new methods are being developed and managing are emerging .So we here help to gain success by implementing along with those solutions that manage your programme more efficiently and effectively.

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